Registration Process

Step 1: Secure Account login

Having successfully created your Secure Login (RARN), the next step is to Register your RPAS and the person who will be operating it

Step 2: The registration Process

Step 2 is the Registration of the RPAS (drone) and RPAS Operator / Pilot

Please note that only the actual person who will physically fly the RPAS (drone) can Register as the RPAS Operator / Pilot.

Step 3. Registration Verification

All applicants for VKS Vanuatu Drone / RPAS Registration of either RPAS / Drone or for Pilot / Operator Registration must report to the VKS Film & Audio Dept. with their RPAS / Drone for Verification of details.

Once Verification is complete your Vanuatu Drone / RPAS Registration document/s will be delivered by email and uploaded to your Private area on vur.drone.vu.


You should always fly your RPAS/Drone under the CAAV Rules Part 101.

More advanced options available under CAAV Rule Part 102. require CAAV approval.

VKS - the Vanuatu Kaljoral Senta. (Vanuatu Cultural Centre and National Museum) is located at Saralana Park, Port Vila, Vanuatu.

The park is just across the road from the entrance to the National Parliament.

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