What IS A RARN ? - RPAS Aviation Reference Number


Your RARN is a unique identifier which will be used in all future dealings with the Vanuatu Cultural Centre RPAS (drone) management.


1. Select the above menu item REQUEST RARN

2. The registration form will be opened

3. Fill in all required information and click “PROCESS SUBSCRIPTION” 

4. A confirmation message will be displayed to you and an activation link will be sent to your email

5. Activate your account through the link in your email 

6. Come back to vur.drone.vu web page (this site) and choose 'Log In' 

- under the 'ACCOUNT' menu

7. Go to “My Profile” through the My Profile option in the Account Menu after logging in.

8. Check all boxes and fill in any missing details

9. Click “Save”

10. A confirmation message will be displayed to you that the profile is updated and saved successfully


The RARN ID is your private identification allowing you to login and access secure forms, services and information,

it is required to register for all services and when communicating with the Vanuatu Cultural Centre RPAS (drone) management dept.


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